Remove Risk and Downtime from IBM i Migrations

IBM has announced new IBM i systems based on a new Power10 architecture. Many companies have started looking at upgrading their Power Systems hardware. But before they can you can start reaping the benefits of IBM’s latest innovations, they must first tackle the challenging process of migrating existing IBM i data, applications, and system configurations to a new environment.

Migrations always require detailed, coordinated planning and flawless execution. This is especially true today when downtime of any duration is completely unacceptable. So, above all other considerations, maintaining continuous uptime throughout the process is absolutely mandatory. This webinar will cover the challenges and risks in doing a migration and how to minimize or avoid them.

Join us on this On-demand webinar to learn about:

  • How to effectively scope a migration project
  • Choosing the best migration method
  • Executing your migration plan
  • Testing your migration
Remove Risk and Downtime from IBM i Migrations
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