Optimize the Value of Your Mainframe

Mainframe users are continuously challenged to keep pace with rising data volumes from distributed applications that depend on mainframe transaction processing power. The pressure to squeeze more performance and value out of existing mainframes, while avoiding or deferring major upgrades, never stops.

There are ways to improve the efficiency of core workloads, like sorting, that help you uncover additional capacity, save money, and increase the ROI for mainframe expenditures. In addition, you can deliver more value to your business by integrating mainframe data into next-generation cloud and data platforms like Databricks, Snowflake, Splunk, ServiceNow, and more

Join our discussion to learn how Precisely:

  • Is taking advantage of IBM’s recent enhancements in IBM Z Platform resource optimization and security
  • Helps optimize mainframe processes to reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Enables customers to integrate IBM Z Platform data into cloud and data platforms
Optimize the Value of Your Mainframe
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