Optimising Network and Subscriber Analytics in a Cloud-Native Environment

Spending on 5G network infrastructure is expected to jump into the billions – resulting in an impending data storm which will only increase as connectivity gets the 5G turbo-charge. The challenge and opportunity will be to operationalise network and business data across the mobile network operator – but how do you integrate, manage, analyse and extend the value of this data across all areas of your business? Shifting gears to process this data natively in Big Data environments is paramount to enabling efficient location analytics across the enterprise. More than ever, the race is on for Mobile Network Operators to realise the benefits of becoming a cloud-native Telco.

Watch this webinar on-demand where we discuss the challenges and opportunities of planning, monitoring and optimising your network and subscriber data, natively within a cloud environment, while seeing first-hand how this approach is changing the game for Mobile Network Operators – helping them to:

  • Optimise network planning
    • Associate predicted network performance with collected network interactions from billions of subscriber connections. Support network capacity planning and consistent service assurance as well as better targeting and care of high-value customers
  • Adopt smarter investment strategies
    • Use Big Data and analytic tools to target the most profitable segments and geographical areas for subscriber marketing initiatives
  • Access location-based reporting
Optimising Network and Subscriber Analytic in a Cloud-Native Environment
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