Obtain a 360-degree view of Your IT Infrastructure

In today’s complex landscape of infrastructure and applications, it is increasingly challenging to know what is happening across your entire IT landscape and to be able to resolve issues before they impact the business. While there are many Operations Management, Monitoring, Security and Observability tools in use, most of them do not provide the ability to include data from IBM mainframes and IBM Power Systems.

These mission critical systems are important because they offer performance, scalability, and reliability that exceed what is available on other platforms. You need to solve the challenge of integrating the IBM mainframe and IBM Power System operational and security data into IT analytic platforms to help you proactively manage incidents, make data driven decisions, and enhance efficiency like never before.

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn about:

  • The critical reasons to integrate mainframe and IBM i operational data with your IT analytic applications
  • The recent product enhancements that deliver a more seamless integration with leading analytic platforms like ServiceNow
  • The announcement of Ironstream support for additional IT operations applications
Obtain a 360-degree View of Your IT Infrastructure
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