Maximize Broadband Funding with Data Enrichment

In the era of digital transformation, internet access is no longer a “nice-to-have” bonus – it’s ingrained in our daily lives. The recently introduced federal funding programs represent a historic step forward toward the goal of providing broadband access to the entire country. The biggest beneficiaries of this opportunity are the local governments leading with a data-driven outlook and looking to better their communities and bridge the digital divide.

Planning for the deployment of high-speed Internet – whether including conducting research, collecting data, outreach and training – is the first and crucial step in the process that is often overlooked. In order to maximize the opportunities to provide access to critical government services and ensure funding is received for new infrastructure projects -identifying serviceable locations is essential.

Complete, precise property and human mobility data make it possible to reduce operational errors and enable confident decision-making. Data enrichment provides much-needed context to help identify unserved and underserved locations by linking data records to real-life locations – further streamlining the process of identifying gaps in broadband coverage.
Watch this on-demand webinar dedicated to exploring how state and local governments can maximize the impact of broadband funding programs and lead the way to digital inclusion with a data-driven approach.

Benefits of Watching

  • Explore the latest initiatives the state and local government projects and initiatives put in place to combat digital inequity
  • Discover the biggest and most pressing challenges in extending broadband connectivity to all unserved and underserved locations
  • Learn how data enrichment helps to identify gaps in broadband coverage and provides an essential tool to empower a connected nation
Maximize Broadband Funding Webcast
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