Mastering Data Governance in Modern Era for Holistic Business Success

Integrated Data Governance for Holistic Business Problem-Solving

Watch this webinar on modern data governance, where we will explore how organizations can effectively manage their data assets through policies, standards, processes, and practices. From acquisition and storage to processing, analysis, and dissemination, we’ll cover the full lifecycle of data and how modern data governance can ensure accuracy, reliability, and security while promoting ethical use and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Additionally, we’ll discuss how modern data governance practices can improve data literacy and decision-making throughout organizations.

This webinar will highlight the importance of data governance solutions for enterprises, and the need for integrated capabilities to manage and measure data integrity across different functions. The presentation will share four persona-based use cases and demos, which will showcase how a single modular and interoperable solution can empower data teams to make data-driven decisions faster and more confidently.

Key takeaways

  • Understand data relationships to business objectives, and metrics, and request new actions.
  • Discover new data element alerts to profile and add contextual details to your analysis.
  • Review needed data quality rules, lineage, and impact and proactively monitor data changes over time.
  • Access & respond to data replication requests for timelier results
  • Create data quality pipelines and enrich data for more insightful analytics.
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