Learnings from 7 Years of Integrating Mission-Critical IBM Z® and IBM i with Splunk

Mainframe (z/OS®) & IBM i systems are incredibly important for many businesses but are often outside the holistic IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) observability available in Splunk. Exclude them & you will miss valuable, critical insights. Ironstream delivers valuable log data, events and intelligence from both IBM mainframe and IBM i environments into Splunk, providing a true 360-degree view of your IT infrastructure.

This session will examine how adding more agility; faster MTTI/MTTR; deeper visibility & increased efficiencies address problems seen by real-world customers over the last 7 years. Effectively addressing these problems has resulted in millions of dollars of cost-savings.

See how you can use Precisely Ironstream to:

  • Tap into mainframe and IBM i machine data the easy way!
  • Get machine data into your Cloud, On-Prem, ITSI, Enterprise Security, or AIOps environments
  • Address the high-value use cases
  • Realize fast ROI & be ready for the future!
Learning from 7 Years of Integration Mission-Critical IBM Z and IBM i with Splunk
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