Improve IT operations management with ServiceNow and Ironstream

In today’s complex landscape of infrastructure and apps, it’s increasingly challenging to know what’s happening across your organization – and to resolve issues before they impact the business.

Precisely helps you seamlessly integrate critical IBM i and mainframe systems with ServiceNow—providing you with complete visibility into your IT infrastructure. You can proactively manage incidents, make data-driven decisions, and enhance efficiency like never before.

Ironstream for ServiceNow is the only Now® Certified solution to seamlessly integrate these critical IBM systems into the ServiceNow platform to deliver a single, comprehensive view of your entire IT landscape.  Whether you leverage SerivceNow’s Discovery, Service Mapping or Event Management capabilities, Ironstream can extend and enhance their value by including the data from the importin IBM systems in your environment.

Watch this webcast on-demand to hear about:

  • Why customers are choosing ServiceNow
  • The importance of including mainframe and IBM i data
  • Easily access Ironstream through the ServiceNow Store
Improve IT operations management with ServiceNow and Ironstream
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