How Precisely and Splunk Can Help You Better Manage Your IBM Z and IBM i Environments

Splunk, an industry leader in IT operations and security analytics, is moving to the cloud. Adopting Splunk in the cloud can help you make better, faster decisions with real-time visibility across the enterprise. That said, if your critical business services rely on the IBM Z or IBM i, including these systems is a must in your new Splunk environment.

Having these systems in your Splunk environment helps remove a significant blind spot in your modernization efforts – avoiding security risks, failed audits, downtime, and escalating costs.

Join this discussion with presenters Brady Moyer from Splunk and Ian Hartley from Precisely to learn how to seamlessly integrate IBM Z and IBM i into Splunk for a true enterprise-wide view of your IT landscape.

During this on-demand webinar, you will hear:

  • How Precisely Ironstream provides integration with Splunk without the need for mainframe or IBM i expertise
  • The different types of data that can be collected and forwarded to Splunk
  • Example use cases for events, security, and performance data
How Precisely and Splunk can help you better manage your IBM Z and IBM i environments
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