Generating business value from new data sources and use cases

Businesses all over the world have had a growing interest in how aggregated human movement data could help inform and measure performance. In particular, businesses have been interested in how human movement data, combined with location context data and demographics, could be used to measure and monitor the impact of business decisions.

Join us to hear more about this innovative, dynamic data and how it can help governments and businesses make better decisions. This information provides never-before-seen insight that enables businesses all over the world to make impactful, trusted decisions with the context of how populations move between locations.

During this webinar, industry experts cover:

  • Real use case scenarios across multiple verticals, covering the pro and cons of using human movement data
  • Considerations when using the human movement data
  • Lessons learned


  • Andy Bell, Vice President of Global Data Product Management, Precisely
  • Andy Peloe, Product Management Director, Precisely
  • Colin Gibson, Moderator, Senior Advisor of DCAM & CDMC, EDM Council
Generating business value from new data sources and use cases
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