Five Ways Address Data Increases Ecommerce Sales

Address data is one of the most critical data resources available to businesses with an ecommerce function. Whether you’re a restaurant, a fashion retailer, or a bank, the need to understand location at the address level, and the risk of getting it wrong, has now been turbo charged in this fragile economic period.

Fundamentally, business applications developed with consistent and correct address information are vital for conducting ecommerce with confidence – and avoiding costly mistakes.

During this on-demand webinar, we explore five ways address data increases ecommerce sales and how it can be used to:

  • Gather addresses around sales territories for targeting
  • Reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions by as much as 6-8%
  • Add accurate tax context and reduce auditing risk
  • Target your buyers local to retail outlets or distribution centers
  • Identify and profile your existing and target audiences
  • Extend your multi-channel reach with identity knowledge and affinity insights
Five Ways Address Data Increases eCommerce Sales
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