Enhance ServiceNow with Automated Discovery for Mainframe and IBM i

IT organizations using ServiceNow for their IT Operation Management (ITOM) rely on the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to manage infrastructure changes and diagnose problems. But, without an automated Discovery process, companies struggle to keep their CMDBs current, and they can lack information necessary to drive IT processes effectively. As a result, IT staff can waste time and energy trying to determine which business services are impacted by changes, failures, or performance issues as they try to determine root causes for business service problems.

ServiceNow® Discovery provides IT with visibility into IT infrastructure and its changes by automatically discovering physical and virtual devices such as laptops, desktops, servers (physical and virtual), switches, routers, storage, and applications, as well as the dependent relationships between them. However, if you are a company that relies on traditional IBM systems like mainframes or Power Systems running IBM i to support your critical applications for your company, ServiceNow Discovery lacks the ability to integrate CI’s from these systems. Ironstream for ServiceNow fills this gap by seamlessly integrating with ServiceNow to include these critical systems in the regular, automated ServiceNow Discovery process.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn:

  • How critical the Discovery process is to build an effective IT Operations strategy
  • How critical Ironstream for ServiceNow is for traditional IBM systems like mainframes and IBM i servers
  • How customers have realized the benefits of a successful Discovery process for their IT Operations efforts
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