Elevate your Property Insights: Geocoding and Data Enrichment in the Cloud

Data enrichment unlocks valuable insights into consumers, businesses, places, and risks. Adding this context to existing data within cloud platforms drives better decisions around customer and market intelligence, resource allocation, site selection, risk management, property underwriting, and more.

Yet many companies spend a great deal of time prepping their data – cleansing, geocoding, and enriching addresses – and this process is challenging. Our Geocode API for Snowflake coupled with property datasets streamlines geocoding and exposes complex property relationships – empowering data science, capturing new business opportunities, and optimizing decision-making.

Watch this webinar on-demand and learn how to:

  • Clean address data and add location coordinates (lat/long)
  • Simplify the complexity of an address with a unique and persistent identifier, the PreciselyID
  • Reveal complex property relationships between addresses, buildings, and parcels
  • Add context to data in Snowflake by linking the PreciselyID to pre-processed enrichment datasets, such as points of interest, property details, demographics, boundaries (neighborhoods, postal codes, flood zones), and more
Elevate your property insights - Geocoding and data enrichment in the cloud
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