Effectively Plan for Your Move to the Cloud

Many companies using Power Systems running IBM i are looking to more some or all of their workloads to the cloud. Whether the motivation is to optimize their spending or allow for a more flexible consumption model, the cloud can provide unique opportunities to optimize their IBM i environment.

IBM Power Systems Virtual Server is one way to get the benefits of hybrid cloud, maintain the high performance of IBM Power Systems while modernizing at your pace and price point, on and off premises.

As companies move to a cloud environment, they need to consider the challenges of migrating their workload. Migrations always require detailed, coordinated planning and flawless execution. This is especially true today when downtime of any duration is completely unacceptable. So, above all other considerations, maintaining continuous uptime throughout the process is absolutely mandatory.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear about:

  • Benefits of a hybrid cloud approach for IBM i
  • Ways the IBM Power VS can add value to your IBM i environment
  • How to effectively scope and execute a migration to the cloud.
Effectively Plan for Your Move to the Cloud
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