Defending Your IBM i Against Malware

The ever-escalating threats to your business posed by ransomware and all forms of malware cannot be ignored. Cyber-criminals are employing every technology and tactic available to defeat your security systems and then go completely unnoticed as they systematically penetrate and catalog your systems and data to methodically prepare for a coordinated, carefully orchestrated, multipronged attack.  The IBM i can be a rich target of valuable data for these bad actors.

Malware attacks are active, not static.  Traditional automated scanning, alerting and remediation practices are no longer enough.  Instead, the focus needs to be upon securing critical assets and data stores using a multi-layered defensive approach. In practical terms, this means employing every possible security tool and tactic available, in a coordinated, programmatic way.

Join us for this on-demand webinar to better understand:

  • The risks of relying on an “identify and remediate” approach to malware
  • A different approach to more effectively prevent malware
  • How a multi-layered security strategy can protect IBM i from malware threats
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