Continued Innovation in IBM z/System Sort Optimization with Syncsort MFX

Mainframe departments in larger enterprises are challenged to keep up with rising data volumes from ever-changing applications running on the mainframe and even in hybrid cloud environments. There is continued pressure to squeeze more performance out of their existing mainframes to reduce costs and defer major upgrades. Obvious measures to get relief from these pressures revolve around the mundane processing tasks (sort, copy, merge, compression, report generation) that take up a large and disproportionate share of CPU processing time and related mainframe resources.

That’s where Precisely’s Syncsort MFX has always delivered key benefits like optimized sorting, reduced CPU usage and faster job completion. Precisely has a 50 year history of innovation in this area and we continue to innovate our Syncsort MFX solution. We have several important enhancements coming for our customers. In addition, to highlighting this new functionality we want to share some powerful tips and tricks we have seen our customers use to improve their IBM z/System sorting.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn:

  • How Syncsort MFX can improve your sort performance and efficiency
  • What enhancements are coming for Syncsort MFX customers
  • Some tips and tricks for getting the most out of Syncsort MFX
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