Capturing Data Relationships to Develop Meaningful Customer Engagement

In an omnichannel world, organizations struggle to gain complete, 360-degree views of engagement with current and potential customers. Organizations are digitally transforming business processes and customers’ engagement preferences are changing due to upheavals such as the coronavirus pandemic, so traditional data management cannot deliver a complete view. To get anywhere close, organizations have to spend valuable time and resources knitting together numerous data silos and dealing with complicated replication and redundant data preparation. They must lean on specialists who can code and model routines that should be part of data management.

It’s time to tap innovations in data management such as graph databases and geolocation intelligence to gain faster, easier, and more complete views of customer engagement. Organizations need to reduce friction in how they find, connect, and share customer data points, and they need to evaluate how nontraditional data management can help.

Watch this TDWI sponsored webinar to learn how you can take advantage of innovations to drive smarter personalization, targeted marketing across channels, and more satisfying customer engagement.

Topics discussed include:

  • Common pain points organizations are facing in trying to gain 360-degree views of customer engagement and how to overcome them with innovative data management
  • Graph databases: how they can improve views of data relationships, enhance customer analytics, and take burdens off data scientists, analysts, and users
  • Important trends in unifying data about customers and their behavior, including graph databases, geolocation intelligence, master data management, and semantic data integration
  • Governance, security, and customer data privacy: how graph databases and related innovations can help
Capturing Data Relationships to Develop Meaningful Customer Engagement
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