Context-Fueled Customer 360° View - Do you have the single customer view that you really need?

The importance of context to strategic objectives and overall business results can’t be denied-whether companies are pursuing personalization, omnichannel, digital transformation or KYC initiatives. However, given the complexity and the volume of data generally siloed in various systems and functions this is no simple task to get this unified view of your customers.

Watch this webinar with IT Solutions and Analytics experts, Jason Drake of Grange Insurance and Chuck Kane of Precisely to discover how a Spectrum unified technology platform enables a context-fueled 360° View — delivering a complete profile of its relationship with each customer, delivering valuable business insights, analytics and enabling continuous improvement for better segmentation, positioning, pricing marketing and customers services profiles. more hands-on approach with high-value retail and commercial customers

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand better the process that will enable context fueled customer 360 through typical user journey
  • Learn more about the 6 steps to achieve a customer centric view: define, model, discover, profile, integrate, master and operationalize
  • Discover how technologies like graph database and data virtualization are changing the market and enabling agile modern data management and rich customer analytics
  • Define some winning strategies in terms of geo and data enrichment
  • Get full context and a single customer view will facilitate collaboration, increase transparency, and accelerate insight
Context-Fueled Customer 360° View
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