Best Practice Approaches to Integrating Legacy Data with the Cloud

Acceleration of cloud adoption, increasing demand for digital transformation and real-time data management have led financial institutions to rethink their data infrastructure to enable more agile operating models that can respond faster to change and make data a competitive advantage.

For many, integrating data from legacy systems and data across the business landscape with a modern cloud-based data infrastructure is a mandatory step in the digital transformation journey.

This webinar will consider the challenges of integrating data from legacy infrastructures with the cloud. Hear practical guidance, tips and approaches on how data integration can accelerate digital transformation in support of cloud-based strategies with data integrity at its core.

Watch this webinar on-demand to find out about:

  • The state-of-play on data infrastructure across financial institution
  • Why financial institutions need to invest in modernisation
  • How to plan data integration from legacy systems to the cloud
  • Practical steps to cloud-based data infrastructure with built-in data integrity
  • Benefits of getting it right, penalties of getting it wrong
Best Practice Approaches to Integrating Legacy Data with the Cloud
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