Become Customer Centric with EngageOne™ Server

Update and Deploy 10x Faster: Extending the Power of DOC1 Generate

Customer centric organizations need to deliver omnichannel experiences, and the latest EngageOneTM  Server release will accelerate your journey to customer centricity. Long term users of DOC1 Generate have grown to love its performance and its ability to compose hundreds of highly personalized communications per second.  With the latest version of EngageOneTM Server, we introduce Express Batch that offers the same performance as DOC1 Generate whilst giving you the enhanced ability to make and deploy template changes ten times (10x) faster. In addition, EngageOneTM Server will allow you to:

  1. Enjoy end-to-end workflow between business users, marketers and template designers including side-by-side comparisons to easily recognize changes
  2. Streamline template asset promotion across development, test, acceptance and production environments
  3. Utilize system wide search and analysis (e.g. used-by analysis) of reusable content
  4. Tailor output by channel to deliver an omnichannel experience across web, mobile, print, email, SMS, chat and video

Join us and learn how EngageOneTM Server can extend your trusted DOC1 Generate environment, while reducing compliance risk and delivering the omnichannel experience your customers deserve and desire.

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