Become an Expert with Looping, Linking, and Data Maintenance in Automate Studio

Automate Studio is your go-to suite of powerful data management tools for updating SAP. From creating, extracting, and transforming SAP data to automating complex business processes and more, Automate Studio allows you and your team to increase efficiencies in SAP data management tasks while striving for data integrity through trusted data.

The key question is: are you maximizing your usage of Automate Studio to its full potential? If you’re interested in expanding your Automate Studio knowledge and want to learn new ways to create, extract and transform SAP data more effectively, make sure to join Precisely and Bill Wiseman, Senior Sales Engineer, to gain new insights on how you can use Automate Studio to make an impact.

Hear detailed explanations on important features as well as see multiple live demos including how to:

  • Link multiple scripts to increase efficiencies
  • Loop header detail transactions to simplify and automate tasks
  • Maintain data to help improve data quality

Whether you are using the product for the first time or looking for new ways to develop Studio scripts, this webinar is for you.

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