Automate Studio Training: Materials Maintenance Tips for Efficiency and Ease of Use

Ready to improve efficiency, provide easy to use data automations and take materials master (MM) data maintenance to the next level?

Find out how during our on-demand Automate Studio training – led by Sigrid Kok, Principal Sales Engineer, and Isra Azam, Sales Engineer, at Precisely.

This session’s for you if you want to discover the best approaches for creating, extending or maintaining different types of materials, as well as automating the tricky parts of these processes that slow you down.

Greater control over your Automate Studio business processes means bigger, better results. We’ll show you how to enable your business users to interact with SAP from Microsoft Office and other familiar platforms – resulting in more efficient SAP data management, along with improved data integrity and accuracy.

This 90-minute session will be filled with a variety of topics, including:

  • real world approaches for creating multiple types of materials, balancing flexibility and power with simplicity and ease of use
  • tips on material creation, including
    • downloading the generated material number
    • using formulas to format prior to upload, such as capitalization or zero padding to make it easy to get the data right the first time
    • conditionally require fields based on other field entries
    • using LOV for fields that are free form entry for standard values
  • tips on modifying alternate units of measure, building from scratch using GUI scripting
  • modify multiple language descriptions, built from scratch using a standard BAPI
  • make end-to-end MM process flows more of a reality with new features including APIs and predictive AI

Through these topics, you’ll gain plenty of actionable takeaways that you can start implementing right away – including how to:

  • improve your data integrity and accuracy
  • make scripts flexible and usable for automation users
  • seamlessly handle both simple and complex parts of material master
  • interact with SAP from both business user and script developers’ perspectives
  • easily upload and download data between SAP and Excel – and how to format the data before upload using simple formulas

You’ll leave this session feeling ready and empowered to save time, boost efficiency, and change the way you work.

Automate Studio reduces your dependency on technical resources to help you create automation scenarios – and our team of experts is here to make sure you get the most out of our solution throughout the journey.

Automate Studio Training - Materials Maintenance Tips for Efficiency and Ease of Use
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