Add Agility to Your Business Communications

Building lasting customer relationships requires you to continuously tailor your customer communications in order to proactively meet your customer needs. Business leaders have struggled to rapidly optimize communications to proactively meet customer’s changing needs. Legal compliance is one of the challenges banks face when wanting to be agile, fast and customer centric in their communications.

View this on-demand webinar to learn how to take the efficiency, agility, and customer centricity of communications to levels never seen before. See why some organizations report ten times (10x) faster template updates and while reducing compliance risks.

During this webinar, we explore how:

  • EngageOne Server introduces advanced system wide search and analysis of reusable content allowing you to reuse and share content more easily than ever before and stop reinventing the wheel
  • End-to-end workflow and approval streamlines collaboration between business analysts, marketers and template designers, resulting in a more controlled approach to updating templates
  • When template updates are complete and approved, the new asset promotion feature enables template designers to directly deploy updated template assets across their development, test, acceptance and production environments
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