Achieving High Value with Data Intelligence, Data Catalogs, and Metadata Management

Data intelligence, centered in a data catalog, is critical to both defensive and offensive data governance. Data catalogs and other semantic layer and metadata management tools help keep track of and classify sensitive data for protecting PII. They also help you discover data quality and consistency issues and solve them. Modern data catalogs offer AI-infused automation to handle complex, high-volume data and feature easier-to-use interfaces for less technical users. Data intelligence technologies are critical to unified data management across data lakes, data lakehouses, and distributed data virtualization, data fabrics, and data mesh architectures.

Watch this TDWI Expert Panel Webinar to learn how to get the most value out of data intelligence, in particular data catalogs. We will discuss improving user access to data intelligence resources, technology trends for improving them (such as AI/ML and LLMs), how to avoid pitfalls, and getting higher return on investment.

Key topics this panel will address include:

  • Best practices for deploying and maintaining a data catalog and other data intelligence tools
  • Integrating data intelligence solutions such as data catalogs, business glossaries, semantic layers, and master data management
  • How technologies such as knowledge graphs and large language models (LLMs) impact data catalogs, data intelligence, and metadata management overall
  • Data catalogs and semantic layers for distributed data fabrics and data mesh
  • Making best use of data catalogs for data governance, data pipelines, and data preparation
Achieving High Value with Data Intelligence, Data Catalogs, and Metadata Management
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