Achieving Data Integrity Through Hyperautomation

Data integrity means getting the accurate, consistent, and contextualized data you need to make confident business decisions. Better data? Better decisions.

Now, add process automation, and specifically hyperautomation, to the mix to elevate your ability to make confident business decisions. Effective automation in financial SSC processes often requires the integration of data and information from multiple systems of record, such as SAP and Salesforce.

However, shared service centers continue to persist through core business challenges around data collection, data transformation, and data integrity. So, how can process automation help improve the data integrity for shared service centers?

Tune in to the bonus episode of SSO Next with Precisely! Host Sally Fletcher speaks to Tim Fujita-Yuhas, VP Product Management at Precisely, to discuss solutions related to:

  • Better data governance and the need for implementing a comprehensive framework
  • Fostering a data driven culture
  • Improving data quality through controls that identify and rectify errors quickly
  • Driving more accurate data, faster processes, and greater process governance and transparency through hyperautomation
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