Solution Sheet

Syncsort™ PipeSort

What is Syncsort™ PipeSort

Syncsort™ PipeSort is a key component of the Syncsort™ MFX Suite and offers the fastest way of sorting the same file many times with different key sequences. It can simultaneously execute up to eight differently sequenced sorts from a single pass, without having to enter data multiple times. Using cutting-edge parallel sorting technology, Syncsort™ PipeSort can cut the total elapsed time by more than 50% compared to running separate sorts, while also significantly reducing the I/O overhead.

As a licensable feature of Syncsort™ MFX, Syncsort™ PipeSort is the perfect utility for helping customers to meet batch windows’ constraints with especially large files and multiple sort key sequences. It can be a powerful solution to help save time, computing resources and mainframe costs.

To learn more about the Syncsort™ PipeSort read the full product sheet.