Solution Sheet

Data Onboarding with Precisely EnterWorks and Automate Evolve

Achieve seamless and accurate data management from the start. With Precisely EnterWorks Master Data Management and Automate Evolve Process Automation, data is accurately ingested into the MDM and SAP and maintained throughout its lifecycle.

Precisely EnterWorks MDM and Automate Evolve enhance the business user experience by simplifying form-based workflows such as material and supplier onboarding, customer onboarding, and new product introduction. As users fill out forms, the data is immediately checked for accuracy and completeness. Our API applies SAP and MDM data quality/business rules to ensure the data meets quality standards at the source. Upon form submission, the data seamlessly flows to both the MDM solution and SAP as needed, without requiring additional development, thanks to native integration with SAP and other systems of record.

Precisely EnterWorks: Flexible, extensible multi-domain data hub in a single instance

  • Provides golden record data for use across your organization.
  • Data stewards centrally manage master data used across your organization.
  • Manage, synchronize, and share trusted data across internal and external data sources, types, and services using flexible integration.
  • Open, extensible integration framework designed with a “configure, not code” approach.

Precisely Automate Evolve: Enterprise-grade business process workflow and automation

  • Provides streamlined user-friendly solutions designed to simplify business process data collection and quality from one or more data sources.
  • Route information to the right people at the right time with automated routing for business-process data workflows.
  • Gain full visibility into current process status as well as historical process data used for analysis and reporting.
  • Automatically transfer business process data into.
  • Precisely MDM and/or SAP using integrated solutions.

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Data Onboarding with Precisely EnterWorks and Automate Evolve