Solution sheet

Product Sheet: Assure MIMIX Global

Raise your HA/DR protection to the max

When added to Assure MIMIX HA environments of three or more servers, Assure MIMIX Global delivers the ultimate in protection from downtime and data loss, as well as maximum data access without increased complexity.

Assure MIMIX Global seamlessly incorporates multiple local or remote HA/DR servers into an Assure MIMIX HA environment for fast local failovers, geographically distant protection from regional disasters, and defense against unplanned outages during planned maintenance. Assure MIMIX Global also maximizes data access by enabling the integration of any number of data distribution servers for read-only use in queries, reports and data warehousing or read-write use by other processes or applications.

Assure MIMIX Global hides the complexity of managing multiple HA, DR and data distribution servers through integration with the browser-based, graphical interface for Assure MIMIX HA. As a result you can switch a multi-server Assure MIMIX HA environment at the push of a button, just as easily as you would switch two servers.