Solution Sheet

Assure MIMIX Multi-Server Replication

Protect and empower your business with truly scalable, real-time replication for HA, DR and data distribution

For larger and more complex computing environments involving three or more servers, Assure MIMIX delivers the ultimate in protection against downtime and data loss and provides unlimited real-time data access options for advanced analytics, data warehousing and decision support systems.

Assure MIMIX seamlessly incorporates multiple local or remote IBM i servers into a unified and easily managed HA and DR environment that supports fast local failovers, geographically distant protection from regional disasters, and cost-saving elimination of unplanned outages during planned maintenance.

Assure MIMIX also helps you derive maximum value from your data by enabling real-time data replication to any number of IBM i servers and storage systems to support advanced analytics, data lakes, e-commerce integration, and more.

And Assure MIMIX minimizes administrative burdens and elegantly automates managing multiple HA, DR and data distribution servers with its powerful yet easy-to use Assure Unified Interface. As a result, you can switch a multi-server Assure MIMIX HA environment at the push of a button, just as easily as you would switch two servers.

Key Benefits

Maximizes IBM i HA/DR Protection

  • Increases protection by enabling a virtually unlimited number of local and remote HA and DR servers
  • Provides flexible, highly automated HA/DR management for multi-server, multi-site environments
  • Protects your business by effectively eliminating all planned and unplanned downtime
  • Adds business flexibility and empowers faster and more informed decisions by replicating changed and newly created data in real-time, from anywhere to anywhere, for queries, reporting, data warehousing, analytics, e-commerce application processing and more

Simplifies Multi-Site, Multi-node Management

  • Minimizes administrative time and eliminates complexity with the Assure Unified Interface, for highly automated, browser-based, enterprise-wide IBM i management using a single-pane-of-glass
  • Enables seamless, confident, and coordinated control over multi-site HA/DR configuration and switching, systems and data security, and regulatory compliance auditing and reporting
  • Provides secure, fast and efficient remote monitoring, alerting and management options using standard desktops, tablet PCs and mobile phones

How It Works

In general, Assure MIMIX requires that one node in each two-node IBM i source-target replication pair be defined as the management node for all configuration and switching processes.

But within more complex, multi-node and multi-site environments, Assure MIMIX can be configured to allow any node to serve as the management node for any number of other nodes, or for all nodes across the entire HA/DR environment, regardless of the total number of nodes involved.

This provides maximum flexibility for managing multi-node environments, enables all possible switch scenarios, and allows you to switch from a production server to a local HA server or to one or more local or remote DR servers with ease. Virtual switches can also be performed to any HA or DR server to test your switch readiness without impacting the production server.

Assure MIMIX Multi-Server Replication