Solution Sheet

Assure iOptimize

Assure iOptimize continuously optimizes your IBM i servers for improved efficiency and optimal resource utilization.

The performance of your applications depends on the health of your servers. Assure iOptimize continuously optimizes your IBM i servers for improved efficiency and optimal resource utilization. It also generates a Health Report containing information that can be invaluable when making critical infrastructure decisions.


Automated Optimization

  • Analyzes server health and can be configured to automatically perform optimizations and issue alerts
  • Optimizes storage utilization and enables proactive, intelligent DASD planning
  • Helps reduce temporary storage, disk and processor requirements and improve application response times
  • Provides the flexibility to run tasks on-demand or on a schedule, with progress tracking and retry capabilities
  • Reduces or eliminates downtime and manual effort during optimization
  • Maximizes the return on your hardware investment by keeping it optimally tuned

Comprehensive Health Reporting

  • Presents a comprehensive set of more than 70 localizable, graphical reports
  • Places up-to-date reports at your fingertips in browser-based and exported formats
  • Allows actions (such as Archive) to be initiated from displayed metrics
  • Assists you in demonstrating compliance with CPU and disk SLAs
  • Enables trends to be identified through comparison of reports

What Assure iOptimize Can Do for You?

Assure iOptimize provides extensive, easy-to-understand reports on objects, jobs, resource use, and more through an innovative and intuitive graphical interface. Even novice administrators can use it to keep IBM i servers running at peak performance.

Audit and Analysis – Assure iOptimize puts current cross-reference information at your fingertips with aged analysis of objects, IFS, etc. Change Analysis tracks changes in disk usage. Metrics provide continuous surveillance, auditing, cross-referencing and analysis on the use, growth and growth rate of objects and files. You can monitor changes at the domain, library, object or profile levels, or even more granularly at the job accounting level.

Forecasting – Assure iOptimize facilitates effective capacity planning by forecasting object growth and system requirements. You can proactively manage your systems by setting thresholds and parameters for system utilization.

Real-Time Control -Assure iOptimize recommends “best courses of action” to enhance performance, optimize disk usage and improve CPU utilization. You can accept, reject or modify the recommendations and automatically execute recommendations in real time, while users remain on-line and active.

Autonomic Optimization – Assure iOptimize continually optimizes your server by monitoring, managing and enforcing rules you set based on history, business requirements and policies.

Compliance Support – Assure iOptimize maintains complete activity audit trails and provides a view only mode, helping you to meet stringent regulatory and SLA requirements.