Solution Sheet

Assure Core Distribution Services v6.0

Data Consolidation and Distribution for IBM I with Assure Core Distribution Services

Consolidating data to obtain a unified view of business information spread across multiple files, especially from different systems and locations, is a challenging task. Likewise, distributing data from one file to multiple files or locations poses a similarly difficult problem or IT professionals. However, data consolidation and distribution are strategic requirements for global systems, and efficient methods must be devised to efficiently and effectively manage distributed data sets without straining IT resources.

Assure Core Distribution Services helps organizations consolidate data from, or distribute data to, multiple IBM i systems. Assure Core Distribution Services consolidates all, or part of, database files that reside on multiple remote sites into a single file on a central machine. Since it is bi-directional, Assure Core Distribution Services can also distribute any database file from a central site to multiple remote sites. In addition, it can be used to run commands simultaneously on remote sites from a central site.

Assure Core Distribution Services is available in runtime or open versions. The runtime version is designed to provide a unified view of security and compliance log files for Assure Security and it allows you to deploy security rules or run remote commands across Assure Security components running in multiple environments. The open version can be used without limitation across any database file, save file or command, regardless of whether the files or programs are used by Assure Security.

Sample Uses

  • Aggregate accounting or statistical data from a group of IBM i systems, incrementally or simultaneously
  • Distribute a save file to a group of systems with pre- and/or post-execution commands
  • Run a command on one or more remote systems on-demand
  • Deploy database files to multiple locations, with an extractionselection, on a scheduled basis


  • Save time and money with a unified view of data across machines
  • Work more efficiently on consolidated data instead of individual data files
  • Efficiently push selected data subsets to remote locations
  • Easily run commands simultaneously at remote sites from a central location