Achieving Business Goals with Location-Driven Context

Making better decisions with more insight into the where, who, how, and why of your data

Contextualized data

Contextualized data fuels confident business decisions that can:

  • increase revenue
  • lower costs
  • reduce risk

And location data in particular is a key component to success across many objectives – like enhancing your understanding of risk, improving customer experiences, and beyond.

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Increase revenue

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Lower costs

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Reduce risk


of enterprises worldwide (50% in US) say using data and intelligence strategically to create competitive differentiation is key critical lever to running a digital business


of enterprises are utilizing location data to create intelligent context

What’s trending

Many organizations that aim to run a digital business are placing enterprise intelligence at the top of the priority list.

Why? Gaining competitive advantage requires strategic use of data and intelligence – and the use of location data is on the rise.

Key Critical Levers to Running a Digital Business

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How is location data sourced?

A 2022 IDC survey found that 74% of enterprises are using location data in their processes, and over half of those organizations are sourcing external data.

Leaders understand that they can’t rely on their internal data alone for the context they need.

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Investing in data-driven success

Location data can inform where things happen, and also provide more insight into the who, why, and how.

Now that organizations are realizing this, users across the board are willing to pay more to have systems where this data is easily incorporated, trustworthy, and ready to use for confident decision-making. That’s a key step on the journey to data-driven success.