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IDC Technology Spotlight: Becoming More Data and Context Driven

Good decisions are empowered by a foundation of good data, supported by data integrity, and grounded in context. Organizations need better data and context to see the bigger data picture for superior insight.

How often have you had a conversation about being more data driven, making data-driven decisions, or looking for data to support your position? Being a data-centric organization is a common goal that continues to drive advances in data gathering, data curation, and analytics. However, no leader puts valuable resources into better data and analytics just because they are nice to have. They do so because they are trying to address business priorities, such as increasing revenue, driving better customer experiences, operating more efficiently and effectively, or helping their employees be more productive.

Read this IDC Technology Spotlight Report and learn how enterprises can be more data driven, and to do this, they need to be able to put insights into specific context.

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