IBM i Encryption 101

The eBook serves as an introduction to encryption, including best practices for IBM i encryption.

For more than 30 years, IBM i has been used by organizations in every industry. Known as a transaction processing powerhouse, IBM i systems are relied upon by organizations focused on retail, entertainment, manufacturing, financial services, and more. Everywhere they are used, IBM i servers are trusted to run businesses’ most critical workloads and hold their most sensitive data.

While corporate insiders have long been aware that the data on an IBM i could be used for personal profit, the IBM i has only more recently become known as a source of high-value data by outside intruders. Just one instance of a data breach can cost an enterprise hundreds of thousands of dollars in remediation fees, regulatory fines, brand damage, legal fees, and more. As cybercrime increases in sophistication and frequency, the costs and risks of sensitive data exposure will only increase.

IBM i encryption is essential part of security strategy

Encryption, a form of cryptography, is an essential security measure for IBM i systems that adds a layer of protection against data breaches and exposure. Cryptography is a foundation of sound IT security that protects the business, and encrypting data is mandated by regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI DSS, and many others.

The eBook will help you get up to speed fast on IBM i encryption basics, including:

  • how encryption works
  • encryption algorithms
  • symmetric vs. asymmetric encryption
  • encryption key management
  • masking
  • hashing

Download the eBook today for to understand best practices for IBM i encryption and see how Assure Encryption can help you start protecting your data today.

eBook: IBM i Encryption 101
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