Customer story

Poste Maroc uses Spectrum to reduce undeliverable mail throughout Morocco


In some parts of the world, postal service is taken for granted. In other areas, mail delivery is more challenging. In Morocco, numerous housing development projects, the lack of address standardization and language complexity increase the challenge. Poste Maroc, a company that distributes letters and packages throughout Morocco, was using a long and tedious manual method to reduce mail that could not be delivered to customers. With the help of Precisely Spectrum, the company deployed an automated solution that streamlined address validation and has reduced the rate of undeliverable mail by approximately 90 percent.

Business Challenge

As more and more new housing developments are emerging in Morocco, Poste Maroc finds that addresses are often incomplete or imprecise. “People might use ‘road’ instead of ‘avenue,’ or they might use a nickname in the address,” explains Said Bellaouchou, Poste Maroc’s head of addressing. Plus, addresses may appear in French or Arabic, or they may be mistranslated from one language to another.

Most of the mail distributed by Poste Maroc’s B2B service comes from a small number of customers: banks, telecommunications companies and public bodies. Undeliverable rates sometimes reached 12 to 15 percent. “Our customers might not get paid if mailed notices could not be delivered,” Bellaouchou says. “We had to ensure addresses were accurate.” Bellaouchou hired 30 address operators to manually compare envelopes against a Poste Maroc database of address information. “We needed to streamline the process of confirming that addresses were correct, all the more so because currently all deposits of large customers are captured and processed by automated sorting systems.”

Poste Maroc uses Spectrum to reduce undeliverable mail throughout Morocco