Solution Sheet

Precisely Spectrum Smart Data Quality

Smart Data Quality, part of the Precisely Spectrum family, combines machine learning and human expertise for better matching accuracy at lower cost.

Accurate, efficient entity resolution is essential to data quality. Yet, traditional tools require significant time and IT expertise. Now you can simplify and streamline this complex task.

Smart Data Quality: Powered by machine learning, guided by human intelligence

The ability to match records relating to the same entity is the cornerstone of sound data quality. This once required significant time and effort by IT experts who had to design and program complex match rules.

We simplified the process, so business users are presented with data in the form they understand best. With a few keystrokes, they indicate if the machine learning model is suggesting the right match decisions. Then, based on their input, match keys and match rules are generated automatically. By connecting the business experts directly to machine learning technology, we’ve refined and optimized the matching process.

Precisely puts intelligence in your hands

Smart Data Quality is included in Spectrum Technology Platform. You can take advantage of its benefits today.

The intuitive interface enables users with no IT expertise to take an active role in the entity resolution process. Built-in machine learning gets smarter with every human interaction, increasing efficiency and precision at every step.

Better matches now come with total transparency

Smart Data Quality provides total visibility into the factors that drive data quality in your business. You’ll get comprehensive detail on the match rules and appropriate algorithms, making it easier to incorporate these machine-learning improvements into your existing data flows.

Precisely Spectrum Smart Data Quality