Customer story

Geoffrey Insurance uses interactive personalized videos to enhance customer engagement

Facing the constant challenges of customer retention and increased competition, many insurance providers are looking to boost sales by strengthening their relationships with existing customers. Geoffrey Insurance Services, a U.K.-based auto insurance provider, prides itself on its superior customer service. However, nearly 70 percent of Geoffrey’s customers buy their auto policies online, with most opting to get a quote through a price-comparison website then visiting Geoffrey’s site to pay for their policy.

“We needed to get that personalized service, that you’d receive on the phone, across in a more digital world,” explains Russell Wilson, Direct Operations Manager, Geoffrey Insurance Services.

Geoffrey Insurance also wanted to sharpen customers’ understanding of the details of their policies. Many of the company’s online customers lacked vital information, often resulting in missed payments or failed direct debits. The management team also worried that customers who didn’t fully understand their policies were at risk for having insufficient coverage. Fewer than 30 percent of online customers were selecting add-on coverage options, compared with more than half of customers who purchased through other channels.