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Customer Story

Interactive Video Streamlines Homeowners Claims at Security First Insurance

Security First Insurance company gains deep insights into customer mindset.

Few consumer-focused businesses are as challenging as insurance. Whether it’s medical or property or automotive, the central reason people buy insurance is to be protected financially. But when it comes time to file a claim, it is certain that they have just experienced a very negative, potentially tragic event. And what they really need at that moment is for their insurance company to help them put their world back together; to get their home repaired their car back on the road, or to get approval for an urgently needed procedure. The last thing Security First Insurance wants at that moment is a slow, complicated and impersonal claims experience.

Security First Insurance, one of the largest homeowners insurance companies in Florida, understands completely and is fully dedicated to making the homeowner’s insurance claims process an easy, fast, and most of all low-stress experience.

Homeowners insurance is a highly competitive market, one in which the product being offered is described in long, technical documents full of legal and industry terminology. And many homeowners have never had to file an insurance claim – they don’t know what to expect from their insurance company or the process. Security First manages hundreds of thousands of policies covering homes in hurricane-prone Florida. So, in addition to the general flow of ‘normal’ claims throughout the year, it regularly faces periods of extremely high claims volume. The company needed to find ways to leverage technology which would enable their teams and their systems to maintain the highest possible claims service levels, especially after a hurricane, when thousands of claims are filed at once. It also needed to find ways to control costs and ensure proper and fair claims payments, even during the chaos of a hurricane’s aftermath.

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