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Customer Story

Videos Simplify Plan Selection for Prospective Blue Shield of California Members

Blue Shield of California is a large nonprofit health insurer based in Oakland. The company provides health plans to more than 4 million Californians, both through direct individual sales and through employers, labor unions and other groups across the state. Blue Shield worked with the Precisely services team to produce an interactive EngageOne Video experience that client organizations can distribute to their employees (both members and prospects), to help them understand their health insurance options. Feedback indicates that the videos simplify the process of selecting a health plan, with 73 percent of viewers saying they are likely to choose a Blue Shield plan after watching the video.

Health insurance can be confusing, and researching and selecting the right plan can be tedious. Still, insurance customers require a lot of specifics in order to make their decisions. Providing that information in a format people can easily absorb is an ongoing challenge for insurers. Blue Shield of California was not immune to the challenge. Serving organizations across the state, the company formerly recruited new members by showing up at in-person health insurance fairs with large booklets describing various plan options.

“It was very expensive to print thousands and thousands of those brochures,” says Elizabeth Scarborough, Senior Marketing Manager for Blue Shield of California. “It also did not provide a great experience for prospective members. Our research shows that, in general, people tend to be overwhelmed by health insurance details. Requiring prospects to sift through a book to find the information they needed was not a friendly approach.”

The Blue Shield of California Marketing team thought a more high-tech experience would be a better fit for their customer base. They also wanted to make insurance information easier to understand.

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