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Customer Story

Agencies Gain Competitive Advantage by Adding EngageOne™ Video to Their Toolset

Companies using EngageOne™ Video report tremendous success, one found that 84% of customers better understand their services after seeing the company’s video

As consumer tastes and expectations evolve, companies must change the way they communicate with customers and prospects. They often turn to agencies for help, but in many cases, the tools that agencies have relied upon for years are no longer sufficient to build consumer engagement. Consumers want their interactions with businesses to be fast and efficient, yet they also may expect a personal relationship with the companies where they spend money.

Building an emotional connection through personalized and interactive digital communications is the sweet spot for Precisely EngageOne™ Video. That is why agencies around the world are adding the video platform to their marketing toolset. An agency’s mission is to help clients engage customers and prospects; change their feelings and attitudes about a brand; and, ultimately, impact their behavior. However, building engagement via digital communications can be difficult. It is especially challenging in industries such as insurance, banking and finance, and telecommunications. These industries face a good deal of churn, and consumers often select service providers primarily on cost.

To expand consumers’ decision criteria, businesses in these sectors need to build relationships with their customers. One means of doing so is simplifying the large volume of technical information that customers need to digest in order to understand the services the company is offering. Agencies focused on developing long-term relationships between consumers and brands must provide the information customers and prospects need, within a format that is both easily digestible and engaging.

Videos communicate in a way that makes complex information easier for consumers to digest. This can be crucial for industries in which customer communications involve a lot of fine print. Many agencies have begun to move beyond traditional, linear videos, to deploy videos that are interactive and personalized, using data in real time. This approach turns the videos into more of a conversation that fosters personal connection in the Digital Age.

Benefits of personalized, interactive video for agencies and their clients:

  • 6x return on investment (ROI) within the first six months
  • 12% increase in retention among customers who have viewed a company’s video
  • Simplified communication of complex information, such as a contract’s fine print
  • 84% of customers better understand a company’s services after watching its video
  • Development of one-to-one customer engagement through a digital format
  • 74% of customers believe the company cares about them after viewing its video

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