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Interactive Video – educate, inform and inspire

It’s a fact: customer experience matters more today than price or product, and your organization needs to stand out. Video viewers are 95% more likely to remember a call-to-action after watching a video, compared to reading it as text.

EngageOne Video is the cloud-based platform that puts your customers in the driver’s seat. They’ll interact with relevant, engaging personalized content and chart their own video journeys. Best-next-actions generated by their transactional behavior and responses will enrich their video experiences in real-time and inform the engagement that follows.

See EngageOne Video in action and learn how you can use interactive personalized video in your own industry.

Customer Story: Videos simplify plan selection for prospective Blue Shield of California members

Re-imagine customer service

Whether you’re looking to reach dozens of clients or millions of prospects, EngageOne Video delivers engagement levels much greater than standard videos. Viewers can interact and select the specific topics that interest them, and data-driven, personalized content responds in real time to viewer preferences. You can explain bills and statements, highlight special offers, onboard new customers and more.

Captivate and inspire clients, customers, prospects and employees, replicating your best service conversations and anticipating questions before they’re asked. Armed with the most accurate, real-time information, you can automatically present best-next-action recommendations.

EngageOne Video - pension

EngageOne Video - empower your customers
Design data-driven, interactive conversations

The easy-to-use design interface allows any business user to rapidly create and deploy simple video communications in minutes.

  • Make use of an extensive library of templates or upload existing brand assets
  • Integrate live content including data, text, imagery and video from external sources
  • Advanced Text to Speech ensures hyper-personalized messaging
  • Real-time analytics and reports integrate with your CRM systems to create the seamless interactions customers demand

Customers can also create larger scale, more complex campaigns, targeting thousands of concurrent viewers with different profiles. With EngageOne Video, we can accommodate full creation, production and delivery of professional projects directly or in partnership with an agency of your choice.

See how our clients around the world are using EngageOne Video:

EngageOne Video - place
Videos connect to live data, for a real-time, personalized experience.


If the viewer’s data profile changes, so does the video - even mid-experience
Viewers can select the content relevant to them, even taking actions within the video
Easy to design
Built for the business user, anyone can create impactful videos to engage with clients
Mobile responsive
Optimize the viewing experience for any device, operating system and browser

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EngageOne Video

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How Insurance Companies are Leveraging Data-Driven, Interactive and Personalized Videos

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Interactive Personalized Media: Real-time Video for Business Success


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