How Insurance Companies are Leveraging Data-Driven, Interactive and Personalized Videos

Data-Driven, Interactive and Personalized Videos are helping insurance companies connect with consumers.

Insurance companies provide a vital service to the public, but communicating with consumers can be challenging. No matter how important an insurance product is, most people spend little time reviewing the terms-and-conditions fine print. Attention spans shrink and eyes glaze over at the legalese. Even policy basics may be difficult to convey.

That’s why leaders in the insurance sector are using our EngageOne Video solution to communicate policy details to consumers.

The EngageOne Video platform enables a company to dynamically generate Data-Driven, Interactive and Personalized Videos that draw on the information the organization has about the individual customer recipient.

In the insurance sector, this can translate to a video for each customer that describes his or her specific deductibles, coverage selected, coverage not selected, renewal dates and other pertinent information. Critically, all this information is delivered in a format that the typical consumer finds much more engaging than written documentation.

Better-informed consumers make better insurance decisions. This eBook looks at five use cases, from two large insurers, that demonstrate the potential impact of Interactive, Personalized Videos on the insurance sector.

Download the eBook to see what made one customer survey respondent say, “Wow, I am wickedly impressed with this presentation! This company is so customer-focused! Now I do understand my policy.”

Personalized Videos
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