White paper

Interactive Personalized Media: Real-time Video for Business Success

Interactive Personalized Media, powered by video has the power to engage customers like nothing before

From empowering to entertaining, Interactive Personalized Video makes a real-world impact. Today, the most innovative marketing, service and sales leaders at some of the most forward-thinking companies are augmenting costly, inconsistent human interactions with engaging, compliant experiences. They’re explaining bills and statements, detailing insurance plans and upselling customers with additional services. They’re separating “real” leads from time-wasters. They’re converting more prospects into customers and addressing customers’ questions before they ask.

How are these companies increasing reach, reducing costs and spending more time on revenue-driving efforts? They’re using Interactive Personalized Video.

Today’s consumers require a greater level of engagement

Today’s consumers can be found multi-tasking across multiple devices. They’re connected, 24/7, and expect nothing less from the companies they do business with. Social media has become their go-to digital gathering place. They’re bombarded by messaging, and increasingly selective about what they’ll open and view. By 2022, Cisco estimates that online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

Traditional video solutions deliver substandard results

All video offerings are not the same. Traditional video presents the same content to all viewers the same way. It’s more than “impersonal,” it’s a dull, one-way street. It fails to incorporate dynamic, data-driven content that relates specifically to the individual viewer. Without personalization, there is minimal engagement. The one-video-fits-all approach simply does not move the customer-satisfaction needle.