White paper

Quantifying the Risk of Landslides: The Datasets and Approach Needed to Identify Areas Susceptible to Landslides

Add precision to predictions

Landslides are costly. Every year in the United States, the economic loss runs from $2–$4 billion. The 1998 El Niño event in the San Francisco Bay Area alone triggered over $200 million in damages.

While it’s not possible to predict the exact time and date of a landslide, you can identify which areas are susceptible to slope failures. Susceptibility studies provide insights into the potential for structural damage and the loss of life.

Catastrophe models and susceptibility maps cannot solve all the problems associated with hazards, but can help in mitigating the hazards to a great extent. This paper describes a new approach developed by a team of geomatics specialists from Precisely that adds accuracy and precision to this analysis.

Quantifying the risk of landslides