Top Trends Influencing Data-Driven Business Success in 2022

In the data-driven business world, times and perceptions have changed. Whereas initiatives such as data quality, data governance, data privacy, and cloud adoption used to be primarily driven by IT teams, organizations today are crafting data management strategies led by business requirements.

IT and business are collaborating more closely than ever before to create a proactive data culture and enable self-service insights. The need for data integrity has never been more urgent as businesses look to reduce friction and ensure that the right people can access the right data to drive business value.

Watch this webinar for a conversation between Precisely CTO Dr. Tendü Yoğurtçu and 451 Senior Research Analyst Paige Bartley as they discuss some of the top trends in data management that will influence data-driven business success in the coming year.

Top trends influencing data-driven business success in 2022
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