The Honeycomb Effect: A Cloud Native Approach to Connecting and Enriching Addresses

In Proptech (both commercial and residential), accurate and robust address data is essential to effectively doing business. However, across the board, companies are challenged with finding an effective strategy for organizing and consistently cleansing, connecting, and enriching address data.

As a result, companies are experiencing a wide variety of challenges including:

  • Lack of reliable, robust 3rd party data
  • Inability to capture and understand rapid changes in properties, businesses, and geo-characteristics
  • Difficulties in marrying datasets across the Enterprise (round hole, square peg)
  • De-centralized repositories of data
  • Complex properties can often have multiple valid addresses
  • Legal descriptions in a variety of formats lead to discrepancy, inefficiencies, errors, and non-compliance

During this on-demand webinar, you will see how our clients are leveraging our Big Data Geocoding and enrichment solutions to:

  • Improve the reliability of property valuation via massive location enrichment for every US property
  • Creating automation and consistency throughout the life of a property transaction
  • Better predict housing and office lease changes in the future
  • Increase accuracy of comps and create amenity scores
  • Help consumers make educated decisions with accurate data
A cloud native approach to connecting and enriching addresses
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