The Elusive Omnichannel Advantage: How to make the complex simple with scalable technology

In today’s digital world, the need for an omnichannel customer experience has been making a major comeback on the list of business priorities. With customers using different channels, it can be hard to keep up with their demands that you should be personally meeting them on their channels of choice. How can you streamline your operations when you’re expected to be everywhere? And how can you reach them with the right message that’s relevant to THEM using the most accurate data?

Originally featured as part of the CX Network’s ‘Live Omnichannel CX’ Event, join Precisely’s Customer Engagement expert, Chris Cummings, as he shares why it’s becoming harder to achieve that elusive omnichannel experience. He’ll walk you through a typical customer journey to understand where and why you might be losing customers along the way, and how to easily harness the power of data and the right tech tools to transform your customer’s experience.

How to make the complex simple with scalable technology
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