Simplifying Data Interoperability with Geo Addressing and Enrichment

Working with addresses is hard! Each address in the U.S. has 13 attributes, and there are over 300 attributes to consider worldwide. Precisely’s geo addressing combines address verification, geocoding, and returning valid and accurate address suggestions, plus it appends a unique and persistent ID that enables an address to serve as the common element for simplifying data enrichment and enables context around said address.

Different business needs require a unique standardization, verification, and enrichment approach.

Questions such as:

  • Is a house in an area of high fire risk?
  • How can we target our advertising to families living in apartments?
  • Which downtown businesses can I serve with my existing fiber-optic infrastructure?

Are easy to answer with geo addressing and data enrichment.

Join us to learn how:

  • Adding context to data such as points of interest, property details, demographics, and boundaries (neighborhoods, postal codes, flood zones) can help bring agility and insights to improve business processes
  • Scalable, international geo addressing can simplify the matching, cleansing, verification, and geocoding of diverse business data across an organization
  • A unique and persistent identifier helps simplify the labor of joining disparate data sets for seamless data interoperability without costly and time-consuming spatial processing
Simplifying Data Interoperability with Geo Addressing and Enrichment
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