Effectively Manage Wildfire Risk to Offer Profitable Insurance Coverage

Get up-to-speed with the latest insights on wildfire risk management and prevention and ensure you make more profitable decisions.

Key topics discussed in this webinar:

  • Go beyond historical loss data and differentiate risk on a granular level
  • Leverage new sources of data and specific wildfire modeling techniques tailored to individual landscapes and factors to improve risk assessment and pricing for wildfire-related exposures – maximize your bottom line and reduce loss ratios
  • Learn how to work with key stakeholders to drive risk prevention strategies – understand the actions being taken at a government, property and community level and the role insurers can play in both preventing and accurately assessing wildfire risk
  • Achieve the right balance of underwriting and risk mitigation services to continue to write in loss-impacted areas, and work collaboratively with brokers and customers to support the insurability of wildfire risk
  • Examine the impact increased wildfire risk will have on re/insurance capacity for property, and ensure the availability and affordability of insurance products for the long term in the face of increasing premiums
Effectively Manage Wildfire Risk to Offer Profitable Insurance
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