Downtime Is Not an Option: Integrating IBM Z Into ServiceNow and Splunk

Support critical enterprise initiatives without burdening your mainframe staff

In today’s always-on digital world, downtime isn’t an option. Applications span multiple platforms and networks, requiring an enterprise-wide view of security, critical incidents and outages that can bring business to a halt.

Organizations are investing in Splunk and ServiceNow for real-time enterprise-wide visibility for faster identification, mitigation and resolution of issues that can impact the business. However, without the mainframe, these solutions have a glaring blind spot.

Learn how leading IT organizations support critical security and operational enterprise initiatives by integrating the mainframe with these platforms, without disrupting the mainframe, or the teams that support it.

Watch this IBM Systems Media sponsored webinar on-demand where we cover:

  • Top use cases and benefits for including mainframe data in Splunk and ServiceNow
  • What happens to your mainframe data in each of these platforms
  • Challenges of integration… and how to solve them
Downtime is not an option - Integrating IBMz into ServiceNow and Splunk
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